What is Appointment Scheduling?

Learn what is appointment scheduling and why it is important for businesses today.

If there is one thing that every business entrepreneur invariably swears by in business, whether they have succeeded or failed in their industry, it is time management.

Since the day we decide to set our feet in the world of business, even unsolicited advisers talk about how important time management and punctuality are.

Even so, surprisingly enough, it is something that most people are not good at.

Statistics suggest that almost 90% of start-ups fail within the first few months of commencing. While a good part of this failure can be attributed to product or finance issues, interestingly, a lot of companies end up failing simply because their revenue could not multiply fast enough.

We all know that opportunities don’t always come knocking at our doors every day. We have to seize and sometimes even chase opportunities. And for that, what we need more than anything, is the ability to make quick decisions at the right times.

Whether it’s in sales or marketing or product development, you’ve got to meet people, work hard, set deadlines and stick to them in order to make your company grow before you run out of capital, and before somebody else steals the show.

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Time is everything in business

"Too early and you end up being the guy with the arrows in your back. Too late, and you missed the show," - Aleksandar Svetski, founder of Crave Frozen Yogurt

Aleksandar Svetski learned the hard way; the fact that timing is everything when it comes to business.

As mentioned before, most entrepreneurs have stories to tell of their experiences with time. And all of these stories have one moral to preach; find a way to manage time in a better way.

Especially during times like these, where it is practically not possible to set spontaneous meetings and catch up with clients as and when you like, it is very important for businesses to organize and manage their daily activities in a timely manner.

Now that COVID 19 regulations are finally being lifted and companies are slowly getting back to business, catching up with partners and clients, and project discussions are well underway.

Undoubtedly, there is a need to better plan and systematically schedule activities in your business so that you can utilize and take advantage of the time factor in business.

That is where appointment scheduling finds its relevance.

What is Appointment Scheduling?

Appointment scheduling is essentially a more systematic and organized way of managing appointments, meetings, and other events. It is one of the most important aspects of time management, as it practically spells out your important meetings and helps you plan other activities in a more efficient way. It allows you to fix events effectively and follow up without wasting time and without ambiguities.

What is appointment scheduling

Businesses typically use appointment scheduling software to make the process more effective.

What is Appointment Scheduling Software?

It’s a solution that lets you fix and schedule appointments much more efficiently than manual scheduling.

Schedule.cc is one such super-efficient appointment scheduling solution that comes with a ton of features to facilitate easier bookings. From Artificial Intelligence-based smart replies to automatic sending of calendar links to clients, Schedule.cc makes meeting clients, discussing projects, and seizing opportunities a lot easier.

Types of Appointment Scheduling

In business, there can be different needs to schedule an appointment. For example, a client may need to discuss project requirements with you. You may need to discuss a management decision with a partner. Or you may want to discuss your team’s tasks with your colleagues. These appointments or discussions may be over the phone or in person.

Similarly, the need for appointments varies between B2B and B2C industries as well. In B2C, you may want to talk to your customer about a new product of yours. In B2B, you may need to discuss payment systems for your project.

All of these requirements come under the scope of appointment scheduling in business and all of these can be facilitated easier with the help of an appointment scheduling solution.

What is an Appointment Scheduling Solution?

An appointment scheduling solution is a tool or an application that allows you to automate and facilitate the process of scheduling appointments through a single portal online. It comes with a few key features including a booking system for clients or customers online, the user interface for the back end, appointment reminders, and calendar management capabilities, all of which integrate with your primary online presence.

It basically removes the burden of having to take client calls, entering their details into a database, having them hold for a date from your manager and then scheduling an appointment manually, only to have your client forget about the meeting altogether, resulting in a no-show. In this digital fast-paced age more than ever, people simply do not want to wait in a queue to speak to the manager or talk to irrelevant people in business, which is why appointment scheduling software is most relevant in business today.

Appointment solutions are more relevant in the light of social distancing

In situations like now, when a global pandemic is rife and social distancing is the new norm, there is a need to manage the inflow of clients or customers and keep footfalls within the allowed limits.

And appointment scheduling software immensely helps keep meetings and client visits in check. For example, Schedule.cc comes with your very own AI assistant that automatically books appointments for clients or customers based on your availability. It also detects related phrases in your client’s incoming emails, and books appointments and conference rooms as well, according to the client’s needs. Moreover, it allows you to link your calendar, which helps you arrange meetings with clients only on days when you’re available. With this feature, you can practically set a limited number of meetings in a day and make sure they don’t overlap, ensuring a controlled and scheduled client visit.

In addition, Schedule.cc also comes with email alerts and templates that help you effectively set future meetings and remind clients of those meetings, to ensure business.

Why do you need a systematic scheduler to book your appointments?

According to several statistics, almost 60% of appointment bookings happen during business hours, while the rest of the 40% happen during non-business hours.

These numbers essentially reveal two important things: a good part of clients feel the need to book an appointment and click on your website when you are not in office.

Secondly, out of the ones that do manage to book during office hours, a certain percentage of people, millennials more so, often do not want to get on a call, talk to an irrelevant person, wait in line and book an appointment.

In the light of both these cases, you stand to lose their business, if you do not have round-the-clock appointment scheduling system in place. Clients, as mentioned before, do not have the patience to wait around until office hours to schedule a meeting. If you do not have an easy way for them to get in touch with you, then rest assured, your competitor will bag your precious client.

To make matters worse, clients would never prefer a company they cannot talk to easily. They will always choose the easier alternative. This in turn will decrease client appointments, decrease leads and bring down conversions or sales.

Clearly, timing is everything once again. Considering the fact that convenient timings can vary greatly among clients, depending on where they are located and a number of other factors, you absolutely need to manage it properly, lest you stand to lose your credibility.

And this is where appointment scheduling software, like Schedule.cc can help you immensely. It comes with an AI-based time zone detection system, which helps you schedule appointments without overlapping other events in other time zones. It also offers 24 hours and 7 days a week of appointment scheduling, which ensures that you don’t miss a single chance for a possible sale.

Appointment scheduling systems aid in re-opening or revamped businesses

In the light of the COVID 19 scenario, a lot of companies are slowly re-opening their businesses and trying to get back on track currently. Some companies are also considering a revamp to push sales.

Either way, there is bound to be a large influx of customer inquiries and orders, along with footfalls in the upcoming months. Given that we still need to practice social distancing, you absolutely need an efficient system to handle this sudden influx of customers or clients. And by all means, an appointment scheduling system is the way to go.

It can automatically detect available time slots from your calendar, book meetings, or appointments with clients and send alerts to ensure the meeting is executed well.

Apart from that, here are a few more benefits of using a system for appointment scheduling.

benefits of appointment scheduling

1. Easier for clients to get in touch with you

Without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits of appointment scheduling is that clients get an easy and short way to get in touch with you. Appointment scheduling software like Schedule.cc comes with email integration capabilities and easy to use templates, through which clients can directly set meetings with you and have it linked to their calendar with the click of a button.

2. Fewer chances of clients skipping meetings, which can delay or ruin your revenue chances

Client no-shows have always been a huge menace when it comes to appointments, and a major reason for not showing up is often forgetfulness. Appointment scheduling sends automated meeting reminders through email or any other mode of contact and confirms the meeting a day before as well as on the day of, which helps make sure that the client will show up. Schedule.cc comes with automated reminders linked to the client’s calendar, which send alerts about the meeting and confirms the client’s presence.

3. Clean marketing call to action to induce customers

An appointment scheduling feature serves as a quick and straightforward call to action to induce customers. Rather than adding a call to action like “talk to our team” leading to the contact page where your client will most likely be asked to fill out an inquiry form, a crisp and clean “book appointment” button will make it easy for the clients to take that step.

4. Time and paperwork saving

Manual appointment scheduling, needless to say, is time-consuming and involves a lot of redundant paperwork. Automating the process, with a single button, helps saves time and paperwork by a substantial margin.

5. Business insights for improvement

Last but not least, appointment scheduling software comes with a range of capabilities to analyse business. It helps you see things like when you are receiving the most clicks, which platform drives more clicks, what demographic of customers are interested etc. Schedule.cc comes with AI-enabled detection and analytics features that effectively help you understand your target audience better and take steps for improvement.

What to look for when purchasing appointment scheduling software?

When purchasing appointment scheduling software for your business, make sure the following four factors are considered.

  • Calendar setting and link sharing
  • SMS and email alerts and confirmations
  • App integration for a seamless client or customer management
  • Analytics features to improve business


2020 taught us all one big lesson – adversity can strike any time and render our ways closed. It is this uncertainty that we need to fight and for that, a time management solution like appointment scheduling is inevitable for business. It effectively helps stay in control over situations like pandemics and keeps them from affecting business and business relationships.

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