Best Appointment Scheduling Software

Schedule your meetings hassle-free with user-friendly & intuitive scheduling software.

Less scheduling, more meetings

  • Use our AI-assistant to schedule meetings with your clients

  • Create and share personalized calendars with everyone

  • Send alerts & reminders to eliminate last-minute cancellations

  • Send email templates and save time by scheduling appointments

best appointment scheduling software

AI Assistant

Schedule using the AI-powered tool and send the meeting details via emails. Alert the customers you want to connect and get notified thus adding the personalized experience.

ai assistant
automated reminders

Automated Reminders

Automate reminders for the scheduled meetings or appointments to notify every individual who wants to connect.

email alerts

Email Alerts

Send alerts through emails once you lock the appointments. Let your customers sync with you for the scheduled meetings.

timezone detection

Timezone Detection

Coordinate seamlessly with your customers by least caring about their time zones. Share and communicate at any time.

intuitive scheduling

Intuitive Scheduling

Make your bookings happen with the help of AI-assistant. Create a space for appointments based on the responses obtained.

24x7 booking rep

24x7 Booking Rep

Allow your customers book the appointments 24 x 7. The scheduling software makes it reliable with virtual assistant.

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Event Scheduler

Customize your calendar according to your availability. Set up custom events for one-on-one meetings, team meetings or group events.

event scheduler
one-on-one meetings

One-on-One Meetings

Set up individual meetings with your clients, collaborators, or team members by sharing your personalized calendar link.

team meetings

Team Meetings

Centralize your teams’ calendars and schedule meetings with them without breaking a sweat.

group events

Group Events

Align with your teams and schedule the meeting as a group. Choose the slot and share the agenda along with the calendar links.

meeting rooms

Meeting Rooms

Get an overview of available rooms for virtual meetings along with the time slots without any hassle.

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Meeting Planner

Use customizations to plan individual and group meetings by using features like meeting notices, recurring time intervals, business hours and much more.

meeting planner
business hours

Business Hours

Set your business hours and allow the individuals to connect with you during the definitive time intervals. Stay organized through the day.

recurring time intervals

Recurring Time Intervals

Automate your business hours with the desired intervals. Avoid the need of scheduling every day and save time and efforts.

cap meetings

Cap Meetings

Limit your meetings as per your schedule and say yes to the most important ones. Stay productive by planning your days effectively.

schedule notice

Schedule Notice

Put in the amount of time you would like to give yourself before a meeting can be scheduled.

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Appointment Scheduler

Streamline your calendar and entire scheduling process. Maintain the transparency with everyone involved thereby effectively prioritizing the tasks.

appointment scheduler
group scheduling

Group Scheduling

Easily schedule meetings with multiple people and experience seamless coordination.

calendar view

Calendar View

Select your calendar view from day, week, or even a month and schedule work accordingly.

set availability

Set Availability

Set your available hours, so you can control workload and maximize productivity.

share calendar

Share Calendar

Encourage invitees to schedule with you by sharing your calendar link or sending them an embedded preview of your availability.

buffer time

Buffer Time

Take a break between appointments by sending built-in buffer times.

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